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The Road To 180 Starts Here

Who I am
I’m an LSAT tutor in Montreal. I scored 177, worked with a top LSAT prep company, and now tutor privately.

What I offer
Online LSAT Lessons. They’re just like an in person lesson, except using Skype and an online whiteboard
(or a phone).

Why I’m doing it
I want to be able to help Americans with the LSAT. There are too many questionable tutors on Craigslist.

Why you should be interested
I teach the logic of the LSAT in plain English. You will suffer less LSAT-induced headaches, and get a better score.

95$ an hour.

Free Lesson
The first lesson is free, so you can decide if you’re interested in more lessons. I won’t get paid unless I deliver.

Privacy Policy: I’ll only use this info to contact you for a lesson. I will not share it with anyone.

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