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Hi, I’m Graeme, the author of LSAT Hacks. That’s a site of free explanations for LSAT preptests. This site, LSAT prep 180, is my old site. Below you can find a link to the free explanations, as well as the best articles from this site:

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“Graeme helped me to transform my understanding of the test and how to beat it.  Not only did he help me to tackle the individual sections, but Graeme helped me to understand the ways to study and strategies for the day of the test.
Graeme was not only a great teacher, but he was positive and upbeat and made studying for the test much easier.  He helped me to improve my score from a 149 to 160.  I would absolutely recommend Graeme for LSAT prep to anyone!”


“Graeme took the time to understand my learning style and explained concepts in real life terms. He showed me different ways to approach questions and emphasized the importance of learning the basics before working on speed. Graeme is extremely knowledgeable of the material and helped me develop effective study habits. Professional, organized and enthusiastic, Graeme made the LSAT feel less daunting. I couldn’t imagine preparing any other way!