Mastering Logic Games

LSAT Logic Games Mastery

Master LSAT logic games by repeating them

I started working for 7Sage LSAT. I’ll write more about them in a future post. One of the reasons I was so excited to work for them is that they share my philosophy on logic games.

As an LSAT tutor, I got much better at logic games by doing them over and over again with different students. Every time I went through a game again, I would learn something new, and eventually I mastered all the games in LSATs 29-38, the book we were using at the time.

Once you master some games, you’ll learn the patterns that underlie all logic games, and you’ll be able to handle new games much easier.

The FoolProof Method For Success at LSAT Logic Games

7Sage has put this all into a handy video.

You can find the Free LSAT Logic Games Explanations at 7Sage’s website.

I would make a slight note to this video. You don’t want to be working purely from memory. You want to be learning how to find your way through a game. Ultimately, you will memorize a game’s answers, but the goal is memorizing the process of how to find those answers.

If you repeat a game and still have EVERYTHING memorized, then it’s better to wait a bit before repeating. If you’re stuck on a game, check out the explanations:

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