LSAT Explanations For Tests 29-38 (Explanations For The Next Ten Actual, Official LSATs)

Get The Explanations That Should Have Come With The LSAT

Do you often find yourself stuck when reviewing, unable to completely understand why you got a question wrong? (or even why you got a question right!)

If you don’t completely understand a question when you review it, then you’ll probably make the same mistake in the future, because there was something you missed.

I wanted to give people a way to understand every question without paying for an expensive prep course or hiring a private tutor.

So I wrote explanations for LSATs 29-38. The explanations are written in clear, everyday English.

These explanations are meant to accompany the two book sold by the LSAC that has LSATs 29-38. The book is called The Next Ten Actual Official LSATs:

This is one of the most popular LSAT prep books. I’ve written explanations for every one of the more than 1,000 questions found in this book.

Explanations for Tests 29-38 ($39.99)

LSATs 29-38 ($39.99)

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Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or You Get A Free LSAT Lesson

I’ve got a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these explanations. If you don’t find them useful, just email me and you’ll get your money back.

But I wanted to go beyond the standard guarantee – it’s a bit cliche, and you still have to spend your time if you buy something you don’t like. So I’ll put my own time on the table. If you don’t find these explanations help you get better at the LSAT, I’ll give you a free LSAT lesson.

I don’t expect that I’ll have to follow through on this, but I want you to know that I stand behind the quality and usefulness of these explanations. I’m a real person, and I’m only offering these because I’m convinced their useful.

So give them a try, you’ve got no risk.

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Samples and Description

Logic Games: I show you how to build clear diagrams for every game, step-by-step. On each question I teach you how to apply the diagram, and I show you shortcuts to get the answer quickly and correctly.

Logic Games Sample:

Logical Reasoning: For each argument, I show you the reasoning and conclusion. A lot of students have trouble identifying these, but once you know how to find them the questions are a lot easier.

I analyze the flaws of each argument, and I give you a clear reason why every answer choice is either right or wrong.

Logical Reasoning Sample:


Reading Comprehension: For each passage, you’ll get summaries of each paragraph. These reflect the mental summaries I make when doing  a passage myself; they help you to form a mental map of the passage and find information faster.

For each question, I show you exactly why the answers are right or wrong. Whenever possible I give you a line reference as proof – most reading comprehension questions can be solved using the passage.

Reading Comprehension Sample:

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