LSAT 29 Explanations (October 1999 LSAT)

The LSAT doesn’t come with explanations. You can find a few explanations scattered online, but quality varies.

Fortunately, I’ve written explanations for every question in LSAT 29. I’ve been teaching the LSAT for years, and my expanations are sold on several major LSAT websites. Now you can get them here too.

If you’re like most people, you want to know how to solve logic games, and solve them faster. Don’t worry. I show you how to make the drawing I use to solve games, and how to use the diagrams on each question.

LSAT 29 has the following games:

Accountant Paying The Bills: This grouping game looks complex, but there are actually only a couple of main scenarios.

Mannequins: I’ve never seen another game quite like this: the diagram is pretty unique. But it teaches you how to combine rules to make deductions.

Language Research:  This is an ordering game. The first five questions aren’t too bad, and they’re good practice for using local rules. The final question is one of the hardest and longest games questions on the LSAT.

Piano Classes: This game combines grouping and ordering.

If you’re on this page, you probably already have LSAT 29. If not, you can find it in The Next Ten Actual Official LSATs.

You can get complete explanations for LSAT 29 for just $4.99. That includes explanations for why the wrong answers are wrong, not just why the right answers are right.

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