How to Make it Through the LSAT

Imagine two people studying for the LSAT.  Here’s what they’re thinking while they’re doing the questions.

Person 1:  *I hate the LSAT! Why is this so hard?*

Person 2: *Hmm, I wonder how this works. I don’t understand. But maybe if I tried this…*

Who do you think will do better?

Yes, the LSAT is hard.  But if they made it easy, then everyone would get a high score and you still couldn’t get into Harvard. Worrying about how hard the LSAT is will not get you a better LSAT score.

Curiosity, however, will help you to improve. Approach the problems as fun puzzles to be solved. This may sound like the hardest thing in the world, but it works.

People who approach the LSAT as a problem to be solved don’t get tired when they write the test. You know that feeling you get on the fourth section, when you feel you can’t go any further?

Well, I don’t. And I never did. Even when I first started, even when I didn’t understand logic games, I looked at them as a challenge to be solved. That attitude took me a long way.

It’s not just me.  My students who view the test as a challenge report that they don’t feel tired, either. How often do you get tired doing something fun but challenging?

If you’re not already there, change won’t come overnight. But work on seeing the LSAT as a fun challenge that will make you a better thinker once you master it. I promise you’ll do better as a result.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make it Through the LSAT

  1. I know this post is old but Thanks for writing it. I had the worst logic games section practice today and needed to read something like this to get my attitude back to the right place.

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