Should You Underline LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages?

Update: Reviewing RC passages in depth can help you get a sense of their structure and reduce the need to underline. You can find explanations for RC passages to help you review here at my new site:


LSAT reading comprehension passages can be tough to understand. They also present a lot of facts, and it’s hard to remember everything. So many students make notes and underline their passages.

If you like making notes, and you find it helps you do better, than makes notes. But not everyone is a notetaker.

My students often ask me how they should make notes for reading comprehension passages. Many of these students did not underline their college textbooks, and didn’t take many notes in school. They’re not note-takers. But LSAT prep books have given them the impression that they must use a complex system of notes to succeed on the LSAT reading comprehension section.

Nope. Notes aren’t even necessary, though they can be a useful tool for some people.

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